A.CE/'Attention Span' original paste up

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'Attention Span' original paste up
by エイス

A.CEはこれまでにStussy、The Big Issue、Reebok、Ace Hotelなどとコラボレーションし、絵の価値も沸騰中の人気アーティストです。

A.CE is a London based artist. Drawing inspiration in part from Dada collage and classic pop art. His work is a raw presentation of nostalgic imagery intuitively selected, blended and remixed with contemporary fragments.
Commissioned by Stussy, The Big Issue, Reebok and Ace Hotel, and with growing popularity the value of his work has continued to increase, with works reaching record prices at recent auctions and shows.

[ 作家名 ] エイス
[ 品 名 ] 原画 Attention Span ペイストアップ(A-05)
[ 技 法 ] Hand finished screen print on paper
[ サイズ ] W555×H755 mm
[ その他 ] Signed 

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¥84,500 tax included