Shinichiro Kobayashi/Mirror 'DAISHINBUTSU'

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Shinichiro Kobayashi/小林伸一郎

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WISH LESS original

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Shinichiro Kobayashi has been travelling around Japan, photographing abandoned buildings and deserted structures from his unique perspective. He is known as a pioneer in documenting the beauty that lies in abandoned buildings that have deteriorated and corroded over the years, and is known as the founder of the abandoned building boom. He has received tremendous support from a wide range of people as a photographer and has been awarded the Heibonsha Sun Award second prize, the Konica Photography Encouragement Award and the Kodansha Publishing Culture Award. He has worked on the Chanel Ginza Building construction project and as the official photographer for Tokyo Disney Sea’s 5th anniversary photo book.

This book shows the eccentric giant Gods and Buddhas scattered all over Japan from the photographic collection ‘Daishinbutsu’ (Tokyo Kirara-sha), published in 2023. These mysterious giant Gods and Buddha statues, built not only as temples and shrines but also as public objects, tourist attractions or for personal worship, embody people’s passionate religious beliefs and create other worlds that are separated from the living world. The exhibition invites you to enter the universe of the Great Divine Gods and Buddhas, a place of overwhelming power and mystery as seen from Kobayashi’s point of view.

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¥990 tax included